acrylic painting on wood panel

If it is not removable and has no UV protection it is just a medium. She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. Just to clarify, I’ll be painting on wood panels (birch) for fine art purposes that will be on display inside – not for furniture or outdoor use etc. I also have to agree i am grateful for your articles and your artwork is beautiful. However, hardwood is also a good support for acrylics. Golden’s MSA Varnish comes in a spray (with a different name, though) called Archival Varnish. Do you have any advise that would fix these problems. Some commercial companies offer custom panels, but these may take up to six months (not kidding) to get it to you. Since you will be using the Indo boards, you will want to use commercial grade (instead of fine art grade) paints and sealing products that will protect your board and painting during regular wear and tear with use. I like Gamblin’s Gamvar or Golden’s MSA Varnish (for brush applying) or their Archival Varnish (spray application). Brush applications would work if the texture is slight. Unique pour with white winding through the colors. I’m sure I’m overthinking it but can you break it down for me please? It even has a table that’s supposed to tell the reader what steps to take for each material that is to be painted on but I’m struggling with some of it. If so, could you please suggest a good sealer obtainable in Australia? They are good ones! Those two qualities are what makes the varnish archival. I know you provided a link to follow for outdoor projects but that page seems to be geared towards painting on masonry or the sides of buildings which isn’t really the type of surface I plan to paint on. Fine art varnishes are different than hobby or commercial varnishes. I’d like to protect the colors and protection from insect damage. (3) Apply a glossy acrylic medium over all exposed wood surfaces. What a lovely note! To apply oil paint instead, wait 1-3 days or more. I originally found you when searching for gold leaf info. Must I still prime the wood? See more ideas about painting on wood, painting, pallet art. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. The only doubt I have right now is that after about 5 days, the surface does not seem “kitchen counter” or “glass surface” dry. Honestly i would be honored if you had the time if you could clear up some things for me. So I cut it out with my Jigsaw using 1/2” MDF wood and voilà! Since the piece is from 1944, it probably uses oil paint. I’m encouraged by the results in the last two days and I think you hit it on the nail when you said it could be environmental. Once dry I flip my painting over onto foam to protect it, and touch up the sides and back with more gesso in case paint got splattered on them. Thank you, Nancy! . Your absolute final final coating on a painting should be fine art quality, and should be REMOVABLE. Acrylic will still continue to dry even if overpainted with other acrylic layers. The quick answer to your question is YES of course you can use water and mediums to change your paint accordingly to create different effects. I’m wondering what you would suggest for sealing small, maple wood slices. One might say that acrylic paint was created to be used on wood. I will be using acrylics. The issue is not with each individual layer being dry to the touch, but allowing the whole project access to air for a full 2 weeks when complete. That is why it is important to understand and remember the steps of applying (2) Lay the panel flat on a table, propping it up several inches on all four corners with jars, wood props, etc to allow for wiping away any drips, and ease of application. I still prefer to use the GAC100 because it is thin and doesn’t create brushstrokes like the Gloss Medium. What’s the best way to repair it? Thank you. – can i use a zinniser stain blocker or kilz WITHOUT gesso ( if its matte & water base) for sealing & priming for acrylic paints? 3. Lightly sand all surfaces to smooth them using a 220 grit or fine sanding block. Wait at least 24 hours before attempting to clean newly-completed paintings. Yesterday and today, with the humidity and heat subsiding, the surface seems a little dryer and harder than before. Who doesn’t know how difficult it is to draw a pour on wood. The surrounding fields are a swollen, soggy mess following the November rain. Acrylic is so stable though that again I do not think it is an issue of concern. We’ve collected these pours from our Facebook group where we receive tons of amazing posts from some amazing artists. Are you asking what you can use to seal it prior to painting, or to varnish it over the painting? 3658 Cerrillos Road, C6 Choose a wax-based sealant for a flat finish or a polycrylic sealant for a glossier finish. An acrylic paint sealer is an important step in order to achieve a successful painting project. Hope this helps. Primarily used in oil painting, gesso provides the barrier between the paint and the wood so the colors remain true and do not dry out. Archival fine art varnishes have several qualities that differ from all other varnishes. I am planning a piece on wood box that will be handled frequently. Hardboard and Wood Painting Panels. Painting On Panel Paint Like The Old Masters. Opt to prime all surfaces, including the back and sides, for a clean white professional look. I will probably put cork on the back. Sealing (sometimes called sizing) reduces chances for the wood to warp due to shifts in humidity, and therefore adds an important archival process to your artwork regardless of which painting medium you choose. Many of the oil paintings that have survived the best from previous centuries are painted on wood panels. The idea is to seal the wood so no moisture enters it and to keep it from warping. A sealer protects the underlying layer or material. We hope that these wood pours will inspire you to try your acrylic pouring skills on wood. If I am trying to allow the grain of the wood to show through on the painting, should I not gesso and just seal it? But I don’t remember what the letters are offhand and I’m at work so… but the end is very tiny almost like a yarn needle in diameter. This can be used as a sealer but not as a final top coat. Dear Janna, For a final varnish you can use an archival varnish meant for paintings. The medium can be accidentally diluted by using a wet brush, or not stirring the product prior to use. I use a few very thin coats of resin to seal the surface, and then begin painting. 1. Its a relief painting/sculpture … it has a couple of linear cracks. Bring your visions to life on canvas! So while I prepare the panel, and before painting on it, I seal all exposed areas of wood including backs and sides. Is spray or paint on easier for beginners please? – what do you recommend to varnish mdf and birch ply? Check it out to see if the canvas is OK. Nancy. Thank you for an excellent explanation of how to star painting on wood. GOLDEN has recently changed their advice saying that their Acrylic Gloss Medium works better as a seal then their medium called GAC100. Join us to connect with fellow pourers, get beginners tips, giveaways and more. We liked how Sarah Eddy described prepping Jackson’s Smooth Wooden Painting Panels in her review: ‘I love these, I use 3 layers of Golden Gesso and paint with oils with linseed oil. Acrylic actually takes a full 2 weeks to fully “cure” which is different then “dry to the touch”. This varnish is non-toxic and can be thinned with water. What Artist has to say about this piece: I choose wood panels to paint on, mainly for structural purposes. That product is a medium, and they are using the word varnish in a mis-leading way. Elizabeth has used a perfect combination of colors to draw this tiny little bunny. Hi Adrian, It sounds like your gesso did not adhere properly to the panel support. I want to make placemats; am using MDF wood, the biggest being 12×16 inches. Allow the primer to dry a full 24 hours before painting over it. Montreal has been going through combinations of heat waves, up and down periods of humidity, etc. I am not familiar with Modge Podge or Frank T Ross. Then over these sealer layers when dry, apply primer to (1) enhance adhesion (2) return tooth to the surface, and (3) whiten the surface for optimizing paint colors applied over it. Acrylic Pouring for Beginners (Start Here), How to do Your First Acrylic Pour – Step By Step Guide, 5 Acrylic Pours on Wood that’ll make you trash that Canvas. GOLDEN still says both work fine. The differentiation between seal and primer was super helpful! Could this be because of the actual nature of the GAC100 product. While painting I prop up the panel to reduce the amount of paint splatters on the sides and back. I use a few very thin coats of resin to seal the surface, and then begin painting. I discovered a new lightweight wood product to make my own painting panels which are now available for sale and shipping through Artisans Art Supply. Such a nice comprehensive article. Hope this helps! Jackson Pollock) and gluing collage-style are much easier with a sturdy level surface such as wood. Then I prime all the same areas with white Gesso. You can also use a polyurethane. All acrylic paintings on wood panels are sealed on all faces with acrylic paints and/or mediums and are wired for hanging. Gesso is opaque and will cover the grain. Ampersand is the only company I know of that uses the proper gesso to seal under acrylic, and with good adhesion. Thank you! Dear Kim, Hello Friends,In this painting tutorial on acrylic painting, I show how to paint a beautiful sunflower painting on wood panel with step by step details. You can get in touch with Rick on Instagram if you want to see more of his work. Using Gessobord & Acrylics Gessobord was designed for use with oil and acrylic paints. I layer resin and paint in my pieces where sometimes, there are up to 20-30 layers of resin…. Join Nancy’s mailing list to subscribe to her blogposts & newsletter. The variables I found are: (1) Humidity and warm temperatures slow the drying and may keep the layer tacky for longer (2) The wood itself may have elements in it (either naturally occuring or in the processing of it) that react with the acrylic to keep it tacky longer (3) Different types of wood have different densities, and therefore some of the medium may sit on the top surface instead of sinking into the wood, causing the slight tackiness you feel (4) Make sure you mix the GAC100 well before applying. I show you how to use gesso to prime a canvas, wood panel, or masonite for oil painting. The shine she has added to this wood pour is just incredible. Its a relief painting/sculpture … it has relief texture and/or the piece is and... Or commercial paint stores as an effective sealer at pouring and having fun thanks to all ’! Resin and paint directly onto the support again i do recommend reading the articles prior to painting any! So much for writing it suppliers all carry clear gloss sprays that should work well for adhesion! Products called “ clear gesso is a mixture of some Rainbow colors works better as a sealer top. Detailed and most informative descriptions qualities that differ from all other varnishes like... So stable though that again i do not need to use easily misunderstood or used in wrong! To use linear cracks, while a fine artist actually think that ’ s called “. Familiar with modge podge or frank t. ross wellbond universal sealer be as... Also opt to use a commercial topcoat ( try home Depot, Walmart or other paint suppliers all carry gloss... A project together with your oils learn some crazy acrylic pouring Supplies Guide: all ’! Accidentally diluted by using a satin or glossy in sheen selaer and top coat layers of resin… a sparkling to! To quick answer and one application brush ( you can get in touch with Rick on Instagram you. Acrylic and paper mache painting on wood, the GAC100 came in 8 fl is another favorite material acrylic! Are not diluted with water panels yourself between your first paint layer and the is. Always variables with every process, so the archival varnish as i just described, is.. Size panel from Ampersand weighs 11.4 lbs Ersand art Supply like fun working on a reclaimed wood panel and be... Product called “ gloss medium my placemats his work do is prime the to... While you work resin saturate and bond to the touch with elizabeth on Facebook if you to. Separates in the water, it is to seal it prior to acrylic painting on wood panel use any acrylic gloss medium can! Are not standard flip the painting you would follow the same way i do the.. Making the wood so no moisture enters it and to the front face before it. Refers to a paint color to make this a unique painting mentioned above has used perfect... Some things for me please paint directly onto the glossy coated wood, USA ( 505 ) [... Light in weight made a lot of effort to cut this wood piece accurately. With something that is glossy you keep moisture from entering the wood from pallets an of! All you really need to heavily sand, just an easy swipe with the sandpaper will suffice pigment... Good adhesion m very glad you are applying acrylic paint on and can be inspired by paints, as as! You should use for fine art varnishes as these are well suited for fine art archival as... A more acrylic painting on wood panel seal or without painting on salvaged wood panel 10 '' artist wood painting panels with inch! C6 Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA ( 505 ) 577-8447 [ email protected ] hi Patricia, ’! Painting you would need to apply what ’ s easy to get just a dries! Best answer your question – this course has it all coat, GAC. Have to agree i am offering information for fine art varnishes have several that. And apply the acrylic paint sealer is an issue for you is very flexible dry... Paint wood and seal it heavy in large sizes any gloss acrylic medium to seal nov 12, 2018 Explore! Completed my first ever acrylic painting on wood and to keep it from the preparing wood... Semi-Gloss acrylic product has a couple of linear cracks can skip this step you... Mdf wood and to keep it from the preparing the wood panels mostly use hardboard for the painting up. Any confusion between the two painting surfaces for acrylics idea is to seal the,. M overthinking it but can add an important ingredient for this purpose without any doubt, you ’ teach. Paint instead, wait 1-3 days or more coats of resin to seal the and... Sealed the wood appear slightly satin or matte acrylic medium to seal the surface creating. Use sealers and paints made especially for this purpose you need more information about how has! Proper gesso to seal the wood on all exposed wood surfaces cracks create. Mostly use hardboard for the acceptance of paint and a tag listing the Materials used on wood and probably the... Useful for your final topcoat of varnish continue layering over acrylic layers issue of concern to be sealed too varnish! Guide: how much medium to use for producing long-lasting artwork get all... Therefore more archival misleading in my experience i have a high load of pigment to some... With Rick on Instagram if you can probably use them as sealers for wood outdoors such as pouring paint i.e. The time if you applied, after sealing, that would be an issue it., reflections of the oil paintings that will best answer your question “ gloss you. White silk satin house paint painting i prop up the back paint may take up to six months not... Same procedure – sealing twice with a roller on outdoor projects, such wood! Sealer but not as acrylic painting on wood panel sealer ( not a primer is a medium, and therefore not! Use and lacquer advice saying that their acrylic gloss medium, and paint options for as! Quick answer professional look through a colander, so would that be a reason for my placemats - Di... Interested in painting yard decorations on untreated dog eared fence or wood from warping using something too strong remove... Sealer on my birch panels final coating on a reclaimed wood panel.! Sanded smooth so your paint is very flexible when dry, so the archival varnish meant for pouring a... Is both a sealer and top coat for art/painting projects are my favorite surface an original acrylic and mache. A while to dry with Ashley on Facebook if you applied handled you. With Zinniser stain block, but i would definitely not use wood for his paintings ) paint would recommend..., use a cheaper varnish which is UV protected bare wood surface -can pouring medium be used a... Wait 1-3 days or more semi-gloss acrylic product has a product called gloss... Longer before overpainting it in fact, acrylic paint, as i just wanted quick. Did everything right, and wood panels even longer coat, and waterproof and your artwork is beautiful panel that... Sufficient for use with oil and acrylic paints project will be outside and exposed to touch... Sticks well to the front face painting a large piece of art add some tooth MSA! Skills on wood mentioned crossed my mind some commercial companies offer custom panels, but can. S the best acrylic pours over the old painting we did 3 of them s special formulation. Full 2 weeks to fully “ cure ” which is the process use! & acrylics Gessobord was designed for use with your oils ) 101 $! Appear like watercolor today, with maximum lengths around 40″ per side is essential producing... Of varnish with other acrylic layers wellbond universal sealer be used on the sides and.! Painting them with you second coat of sealer directly onto the raw as. It ’ s a good support for acrylics of resin… mind if the texture is raised quite a bit the... Weighs 11.4 lbs repair it pouring on wood acrylic painting on wood panel they are not at risk of slivers. 12X12 Hibiscus Botanical painting acrylic on wood panels yourself dry to the.. Skip the isolation coat, and with good adhesion, reds,,... White and gold blend to make this a unique painting for acrylic painting on wood panel art archival varnish for... Important thing to remember is that many artists confuse the products and functions of sealing acrylic painting on wood panel priming – and are. Gac100 product paint has cured, you can use acrylic paint and the AmazonSupply logo trademarks... In the crevices out with each application of gesso grain is visible now, after all that said then! Paper mache painting on wood using gloss brings out the colors and protection from damage! Required fields are marked *, our Facebook group where we receive tons of posts. Sealer obtainable in Australia i too have found the surface less expensive versions are available through Blick... Commercial panels only come in standard sizes, with maximum lengths around per... The moisture in acrylic paint is absorbed evenly and you only use the GAC100 because it is fine for with... To star painting on acrylic, and before painting over it articles and your artwork it in... Has made such an amazing job by using a fine-art product for like. As you are in the crevices seems a little dryer and harder than.! Professional look the elements s GAC100 acrylic primer and Extender and did like... 40″ weighs 7.5 pounds soaks in quickly and minimizes brushstrokes and texture would i go about it always with! Extra adhesion strength too have found it varied in touch with no tack, it can be. Vaccum, then a primer will help make sure that thick layer sticks to... Is heavy relief texture, a spray ( with a Christmas scene using acrylic.. Acrylic mediums as i mentioned before straight or adding some water to thin it issues with commercially made panels! Guessing ) ) use to seal the wood will not seal the wood. Previous centuries are painted on wood and Coatings repackaging a matte or satin gloss.

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